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Most of you probably know that developers can't answer reviews posted on iTunes. Therefore, if you have a question or encounter a technical issue, the best way to address it is by contacting us directly.

As many of you can attest, if you contact us by e-mail, we're very quick to respond and always do our best to help you out.

Before we proceed with the reviews, here's a tip: in-app purchases are app specific. The same in-app purchase cannot be used with different apps. This is Apple's in-app purchase policy, not ours.

AAA11Ffff congratulations, you earned a special mention: lay off the pipe, man, and open your eyes, there's nothing missing. We love you, keep 'em comin.

OddsTrader reviews:

David, Alex, PJRoller, quicktrade, ggconnell, Sidi345, MOS Investor, Taka, Goalie, Gambler001, jrkahuna, Eric, Tokyobon, BG Star, trendfollower: thanks for your support. You inspire us to develop new features.

R@mireZ you only embarrass yourself with comments like this. Be thankful for the anonymity of the app store.

J: what you're stating is simply not true; if you contact us we can explain why.
Somehow, considering the way you're concealing your identity, we doubt you'll do that.

reggiebee: we can't answer your questions because the e-mail you provided is invalid.

Mad Fx Man: The app displays exactly the data it receives. Check it against Yahoo & Google finance, Bloomberg, Reuters, Stockcharts, etc. Anyway, feel free to back-up your claims with a screenshot. That's what the Contact us form is for.

Gambler001: thank you. We try to squeeze as much information as possible in the chart and data panel without cluttering the screen. Unfortunately ios, as an operating system, and the iPhone in particular, have serious limitations. Having said that, we'll try our best to accommodate as many user requests as possible.

Oldgoof66: all apps from the OddsTrader family, with the exception of OT Seasonal, support forex. If you don't know how to find the symbols, you could simply ask for help (EURSEK=X)

Thank you, Japan, arigato gozaimasu !

Bearlick: we put a lot of time and effort into writing our manuals, including a complete User Guide for the DJIA add-in with plenty of screenshots and step-by-step instructions. If you still have trouble making it work, contact us directly so we can help you. A cross-hair is on the list of features to be added in a future app update. Adding more/thicker grid-lines will not work for the iPhone.

0007: you took the trouble to write to us once (albeit with insufficient details) but never acknowledged any of our follow-up e-mails. If you still have technical issues, we can help you solve them.

Def: a scanning tool is in the works.

irawanjohan: it wasn't easy getting in touch with you, since you didn't contact us directly, but we're glad we did and solved the problem.

Rudy: we always enjoy hearing from you and are very thankful for your suggestions and continued support.

Pukapika (mystery entity, UK): thanks for buying the apps. Love your sense of humor, and rich vocabulary. Too bad you haven't bought the other 5 apps.

Mikaelovic: your fraudulent activity has been detected and reported.

OT Trend

Big RA, Eric, Rudy: thanks for your support.

Gann 9

Thanks Fibo.

Hillseecom: thank you. Gann 9 is undergoing a major update and will support intraday data very soon.

Aussiebill60: we respect your opinion, mate, but highly doubt your claims, not to mention their practicality. Are you calculating moving averages by hand as well? Do you still use a slide ruler?
BTW, is Bill Swan your real name ? Send us an e-mail, it would be fun to talk to you.

Pukapika: don't despair, Gann is not for everybody. It takes a little time and effort to grasp the concepts. For starters, just try to understand and follow the SPX example. If you need more help drop us an e-mail.

Dodda and 4xVsqr: are you sick, vision impaired, mentally deficient, or just plain dishonest ? Did you ever bother to read the app description ? Chrismant, you fit right into that group.

R5: really ? After 5 years on the app store you're the first one to realize that ! Or is it that you just can't trade and simply venting your frustration. Your time will be better spent educating yourself instead of commenting on thighs you can't comprehend.

Ozzie81, you strike us as a deep thinker. Stick to sirtaki, mate.

OT Pivots, OT Pairs

Bevil, the only scam is your review. Read the app description and realize that there are in-app purchases.

Appdev stop posting bogus reviews. The app is not broken, and there's nothing wrong with it.  Hiding behind the anonymity of the internet to post false comments about someone else's work says a lot about a man's character.

These apps are not about how many random indicators and extraneous features one can stuff into them. They are first and foremost about generating profitable trading signals. Learn how to use them.

Vicentemic, appdev: thanks for pointing out the obvious. You apparently don't pay attention to the alerts we send via the RSS feed. Had you done so, you would have realized that the intraday charting  problem is due to sudden changes made by the data provider, which will be fixed as soon as Apple approves and releases the updates (already done on November 14th, 2014).

And we take this opportunity to remind our users that if you have technical issues or don't know how to use certain features, the best approach is to contact us directly. We can't provide assistance to anonymous reviewers.

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