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Monday, August 31, 2015

$SPY Gap Test

The SP500 is testing last week's gap:

A break below 195/1950 should result in a retest of the lows.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

$SPY and the Bull/Bear Divide

The tug of war between bulls and bears close to '11 extremes:

A slightly different perspective points to similar results:

Same data from a daily point of view:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

$SPY Pattern and Trend

SPY is at a make or break point, testing Monday's gap:

As long as strong market internals continue to hold (check dials above), there's a chance that the gap will be filled.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

$QQQ Pattern and Trend

The Qs returned to break even for the year; not surprisingly, 50 of the NDX components are positive for the year as well:

but the DJIA, the SPX and the Russell 2000 still have a long way to go:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

$GLD Pattern and Trend

GLD simultaneously testing two key support/resistance levels:

Monday, August 24, 2015

$SPY Price and Time Crash Targets

A historical perspective on recent SP500 crashes and associated declines:

and estimated price and time targets for an average bear market decline for the DJIA (monthly data):

Judging by past market action, if the averages manage to reverse the 5 day decline within a week or two, the worst may be over. If not, then the historical downside targets will come into play.

$SPY Pattern and Trend

SPY bouncing from one support level to the next:

Gap most likely to get filled.

Friday, August 21, 2015

$VIX Pattern and Trend

In the history of the VIX this is the third 3 day 100% + rise:

the first two dating back to the crash of '87 and the Flash crash of '10

DJIA Declines Update

The last 2 day DJIA, SPX and NDX 5% + declines occurred in August/September '11:

The SP500 first broke above 2000 in August '14:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

DJIA Declines

To put things in perspective, the DJIA has registered 39 2% + declines since March 2009.
Identical to the number of similar declines for the period August '08 - March '09.
Most all of the post March '09 declines have preceded either a short-term or a significant bottom.

Here's the complete list of 2% + declines per year:

2009 = 10
2010 = 8
2011 = 16
2012 = 2
2013 = 1
2014 = 1
2015 = 1

The number of SP500 2% + declines for the same period (March '09 - '15) is 53, while for the NDX it's 62.

$SPY Weekly Trend and Price Targets

Although it seemed like an aberration at the time, and is not visible in the SPX, the December 18th SPY price spike marked the top of the '15 trading range:

SPY is currently testing the middle of that range amid abysmal breadth readings for the last three days.. Failure of support at these levels should result in a retest of the bottom of the range around 197-198, or another 80 point drop for the SP500.

The other major indices (DJIA, QQQ, IWM) are already testing the bottom of their respective '15 ranges:

In the case of DIA, the Bottom Finder indicator is already flashing its highest reading since Nov. '12

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

$SPY Pattern and Trend

SPY closing exactly at double angle and trendline support:

Next support zone at 205 - 206

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

$SPY Pattern and Trend

So far a successful retest of last week's 209.5 breakout level:

208 is the next support level.

Monday, August 17, 2015

$SPY Pattern and Trend

Bullish outside reversal day for SPY and the rest of the averages:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

$IWM Pattern and Trend

IWM (Russell 2000) has been trading for several weeks around the key 120 level which acted as resistance all throughout 2014 and turned into support in 2015:

The length of the current downswing is on par with similar occurrences during '14 - '15.
Sentiment is neutral and resistance remains at 123.6..

Friday, August 14, 2015

$BID Pattern and Trend

The liquidometer has been stuck in a 25 point range since '11:

currently trying to find support at the 34-37 level.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

$SPY Double Indecision

SPY finished the day in the middle of the daily and monthly range:

a double dose of indecision ahead of Friday's PPI numbers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

$SPY Long-Term Update

SP500 approaching a confluence of several key long-term trend and support/resistance lines:

Thursday, August 06, 2015

$SPY Pattern and Trend

SPY remains in limbo, unable to break above the July 31 high:

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